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Sweat Helmet 7 Macro-2.jpg


Bred by : Exotic Genetics | Sherb X Grease Monkey

Hybrid: Uplifting head high

Flavor: Orange/Grape fizzy soda and turpentine. 

Dominant Terpenes : Funky and skunky terp profile with a piercing sweet sherbert flavor.

During our pheno hunt of Sweat Helmet we found three distinct, all very different, keeper cultivars. After much R&D we landed on our cut of Sweat Helmet #7 (Sherb x Grease Monkey). The purple trichome-laden buds are stunning, and the plant shape is a grower’s dream come true. Boulder Built’s pheno is a perfect hybrid balance of the Sherb and Grease Monkey genetics representing a funky and skunky terp profile with a piercing sweet sherbet flavor. Feeling a little down? Sweat Helmet is known for its magnificent mood-altering abilities.

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