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Strawberries and Cream Nug Macro-2.jpg


Bred by : Exotic Genetics | Strawberry X Cookies & Cream

Sativa Hybrid: balanced and mellow head buzz with a light relaxing body high

Flavor: Sweet strawberries and French vanilla ice cream

Dominant Terpenes : Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Pinene. 

Coming from Exotic Genetix Mike, the Boulder Built Strawberries & Cream crosses a Strawberry mother with a Cookies and Cream F2 male. Thanks to the Cookies & Cream genetics, lime green buds are dense and resinous with hints of pink and purple. This strain produces strawberry flavors that will leave you asking for more. At your first open, take in the strawberry milkshake terp profile of this one-of-a-kind flower. Strawberries and Cream is a sweet and creamy beauty. A balanced hybrid, this strain presents a constant and mellow buzz, suitable for solo or group use. Not overwhelmingly powerful, it is a great one to enjoy any time of day. Kick back and enjoy a rare treat with Boulder Built's favorite summer cut, cool off with a double scoop of our Strawberries and Cream!

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