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Mr Nasty Nug Macro-2.jpg


Bred by : Exotic Genetics | GMO X Grease Monkey

Hybrid: Euphoric happy head high with a lightly relaxing body high

Flavor: Oatmeal cookies and creamy mango

Dominant Terpenes : Limonene, Myrcene and Caryophyllene 

The Grease Monkey (GG4 x Cookies & Cream) breeding project from Exotic Genetics created this very unique cultivar that was a freebie at Indo Expo 2020. Mr. Nasty is a hybrid strain created by crossing GMO x Grease Monkey. Boulder Built found an explosive pheno with a flavorful terpene profile of funky/sweet/savory aromas reeking from chunky light green buds. The finished flower has dense trichome-rich buds, packed with flavor, and heavily potent with batches testing in 30% THC range. Gather some friends, roll a Mr. Nasty joint, and enjoy the ride all together

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