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Grape Mintz Jar-2.jpg


Bred by : Seed Junky | Grape Pie X Kush Mints

Indica Hybrid: Relaxing and sedating

Flavor: Sweet mint and lemongrass with a hint of grapes

The Boulder Built Grape Mints is one of the first strains we hunted here in the garden and has been a favorite ever since the first drop.  A beautiful indica-dom cut of the legendary Grape Mints from one of the best in the business; Seed Junky Genetics are known all over the country and are among the most sought-after breeders in cannabis. Our cut of the Grape Mints is a revelation of high-potency indica knock-out! Call it Grape Cake, or call it Grape Mints, you don’t want to miss this Grape Pie x Kush Mints #11 bastion of ganja perfection.  Strictly for the expert user, this strain is best used for relaxation as it is very potent, and effects perfectly exemplify its indica lineage with the exclusive Seed Junky pedigree. 

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