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Frosted Cherry Cookies Plant -2.jpg


Bred by : Relentless Genetics | Cherry Cookies X The White

Sativa Hybrid: Uplifting and energetic

Flavor: Gas and cookies with a hint of cherry

Dominant Terpenes : Caryophyllene,  Limonene and Linalool

This cultivar is a frosty take on the popular Cherry Cookies (GSC x Fire OG). Relentless Genetics crossed their prized Cherry Cookies cut with The White, creating a tall trichome monster producing huge flowers. Densely packed with large trichome heads, this iced out cultivar brings a creative heavy head high tasting of gas/cookies with a hint of cherries. We found two different winning phenotypes in our hunt. Our #1 is leaning towards the GSC/White lineage with tall frosted out nugs testing as high as 37% THC, while our #2 is heavy on the Fire OG gas and smokes like a dream. Light it up and blast to space, you can’t go wrong with either Frosted Cherry Cookies from Boulder Built. 

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