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Boulder Built was born of the Colorado mountains and bred through a generational appreciation for Cannabis counterculture and underground cultivation.


The active Boulder lifestyle and a passion to fully experience a connection to life and community fueled our pursuit of growing the best, cleanest, and most responsibly-grown cannabis. Our history shaped our culture and vision.


We are a hand-rolled joint of Hong Kong passed from friend to friend around a campfire in Indian Peaks; a glass chillum, carefully lit inside your parka's hood atop the East Wall. Boulder Built exists to cultivate and share our craft cannabis and to spread the stoke!

Boulder Built is also the manifestation of three lives’ work in cannabis cultivation and distribution. A second-generation, family-owned and operated business that emerged from the underground with the passing of Amendment 20. We have been growing cannabis in Boulder, CO for over 40 years. 


We source superior cannabis genetics from the best breeders in the world to keep the Boulder Built strain library stocked with hype genetics and exclusive cultivars that are among the best in the state. We focus on producing both terpene-rich and high-potency strains to maintain a diverse menu. We have something for everyone, and our constant introduction of new flavors helps us maintain an incomparable lineup that is always fresh.

Quality, consistency, and cleanliness are the three tenets at Boulder Built. Everything—air, water, environmental controls, nutrients, and lighting have been meticulously curated to produce a reliably consistent product of the highest quality. Cleaning standards and product-handling, and standardized SOPs along with our organization and overall attention to detail is beyond anything you have seen in cannabis before.


We triple-filter our distilled water to make make sure it is free of any biological activity with our extensive water treatment system. We feed our plants a cannabis-specific, pharmaceutical-grade nutrient line that is not available to the general public. Our proactive and "beyond organic" IPM approach keeps our garden pristine, without use of any chemical herbicides or pesticides. We only employ organic OMRI certified products and 25(b) inoculants (naturally-occurring or commercially-prepared Rhizobium bacteria) to produce the cleanest, most flavorful, safe and potent cannabis flowers. Every step of our process is performed with meticulous care and with safety in mind (yours and ours). We have always believed in the universal right to access high-quality cannabis for anyone who desires it.


Our grow team is hands-on tending and training our plants for a productive and potent yield. Our in-house production crew scissor-trims with precision in mind, and our packaging and fulfillment team are second-to-none in their care and handling of our buds. Everything we have built is best-in-class, but the building doesn't grow the plants, and there is no substitute for experience, training and LOVE.

Facilitative hands-on leadership, supportive management practices, and open communication have come together to create a vibrant culture of inclusion, and a positive work environment. The entire Boulder Built team believes in these principles, and we absolutely love what we do. 

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